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1 . What is UUM Live ?

UUM Live email system is a shared technology from Microsoft that provides UUM students email accounts with 5GB mail storage. UUM is the 1st public University in Malaysia to join this Microsoft Live @edu program. When you sign up for UUM Live, it will serve as your UUM email account. Mail sent to your UUM email address (e.g. s99999 @student.uum.edu.my">s99999 @student.uum.edu.my) will be delivered to your UUM Live account. This program also offers students with additional features such as MSN Messenger, Photo Gallery, Spaces, One Care, Calendar and other Live @edu services. To get more information about Microsoft Live @edu please click here.

2. Why should I use UUM Live?

UUM Live offers significant advantages over Webcube email services for students :

  • You'll have 5GB of storage space available; that's approximately 500 times more than is available from a typical student account on Webcube with 10MB email.
  • UUM Live is hosted on servers managed by Microsoft to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance.
  • This program also offers students with additional features such as MSN Messenger, Photo Gallery, Spaces, One Care, Calendar and other Live@edu>; services. For more services please click here.

3. Who is eligible for UUM Live?

UUM Live is available only to students. Staff are not eligible for UUM Live.

4. Is UUM Live required?

Yes. UUM Live is required for UUM students, and a UUM Live account will be created for you automatically.

5. What happens when I graduate?

One advantage of UUM Live is that it is free for life when you graduate from UUM. You can continue to use UUM Live services after you graduate if you wish. Once you are no longer a full-time student at UUM, the standard Microsoft Live Mail advertising will appear in the interfaces for your email, calendar, etc. but your account will otherwise be unchanged. If you don't log in for 365 days, any mail messages stored on the UUM Live server will be deleted, but the account itself will remain. If you log in after a 365-day lapse, you can resume using email services but all your old messages will be gone.

6. Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Internet Explorer?

No. All the Web-based services included in the UUM Live suite can be accessed from Windows, Mac, or Linux using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Safari and other browsers are not supported at this time.

Live Messenger is available for both Windows and Mac OS 9 and OS X; the Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta application is only available on Windows.

7. Will someone from Microsoft be reading my email?

No, Microsoft will not read your email. See Microsoft’s statements on this at http://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx and http://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/fullnotice.aspx . While an automated process indexes your email content for fast search retrieval, no humans at Microsoft will be looking at your email.

8. Does UUM Live include SPAM filtering?

Yes. When you use UUM Live, incoming and outgoing mail will be filtered.

9. How much email storage space do I get?

UUM Live currently provides 5 gigabytes of storage for email and calendar content. This should be enough for all of the important email you receive while a student at the University.

10. What features are included?

The UUM Live Program includes:

  • Microsoft's new "Web 2.0" email system with an intuitive desktop look and feel
  • A Web-based calendar that allows other students to see when you are available and to schedule appointments with you.
  • Contacts management, so you can easily store and find contact information and create contact groups.
  • Offline access to your mail from Windows PCs using the beta version of UUM Live Mail Desktop. Live Mail Desktop also allows access to multiple email accounts -- including Gmail and AOL mail -- and can include RSS feeds to your favorite blogs and news sources together with your email.
  • You can use your UUM Live account to access an extended set of tools offered by Microsoft including Windows Live Messenger, Spaces.Live, and Windows Live for Mobile.

The new e-mail address for UUM Students :

s<Matric No.>@student.uum.edu.my


Sign up and get started

You can sign up for UUM Live by click here.

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